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晟德於2008年第二次轉型為【晟德生技工業銀行】,透過晟德對於產業價值鏈的「聚焦選題」 及 深度參與投資後管理的「企業創投模式」,尋找具有潛力的投資標的,鎖定生技及大健康產業建立多元的投資架構,打造了今天的「晟德集團」。

晟德於2008年第二次轉型為【晟德生技工業銀行】,透過晟德對於產業價值鏈的「聚焦選題」 及 深度參與投資後管理的「企業創投模式」,尋找具有潛力的投資標的,鎖定生技及大健康產業建立多元的投資架構,打造了今天的「晟德集團」。


澳優乳業戰略規畫統一全球產業價值鏈布局,包括 Global Finance, Global Supply Chain, Global ICT, Global R&D…. 等組織,貫徹集團全球策略至海外子公司。而進行組織重整形成全球管理組織團隊,針對Global ICT (Information and communication technology) 單位,目前期待應聘 SAP ERP模組工程師,包含 Basis, MM/EWM/QM, PP, FI/CO, BO 等模組,主要工作項目為導入、開發(ABAP)及維護集團全球各子公司SAP ERP。需求人員必須精通中英文,且須因應公司需求長期出差或外派海外子公司。
• Responsible for ownership and administration of the SAP system and all related components (S/4 HANA, Portal, NetWeaver, etc.)
• Responsible for supporting the development and enforcing the formalized Promote to the Production process.
• Ensure change request and other controls are met as customizations are moved into production in accordance with Change Request processes.
• Responsible for participating in the design, architecture, and support of technical solutions. Assist with creation of System Architecture Diagrams as it relates to the SAP environments.
• Assist in creating the roadmap and strategy for SAP solutions and the key components.
• Help create and drive operational processes in the SAP environments.
• Participate in business and technology planning sessions to anticipate future business/technology changes.
• Collaborate with offshore support team members to ensure continued availability, monitoring, and support of the various SAP system and related components.
• Create and manage the process of minimizing system downtime.
• Schedule downtime with users
• Manage planned maintenance downtime, troubleshoot when unplanned downtime occurs
• Responsible for documenting support activities.
• Develop, implement and enforce new release rollout process for Change Requests, regulatory patches, new service packs and upgrades for the primary system as well as 3rd party tools.
• Monitor performance and perform tuning and troubleshooting of the technical environment - ensuring optimal performance satisfying service level agreements.
• Work with IT group to ensure recoverability (DR), integrity, access controls, availability, archiving, data modeling and database optimization.
• Manage system user accounts (new/modified/retired) and application-specific security roles
• Assist with refreshing non-Production environments
• Help develop clear processes and workflows as part of enhancement and upgrade cycles
• Adheres to all safety procedures and good housekeeping standards.
• Adhere to IT policies surrounding incident, change request and problem management
• Maintain on-call roaster for the technical operations team to make sure support is available outside of normal business hours.
• Performs other assignments as required.
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• 需具備3年以上SAP Basis模組導入與維運相關經驗
• 資料庫管理Hana DB + Oracle +SQL Server 經驗
• 語言能力: 英文 (聽:精通,說:精通,讀:精通,寫:精通)
• 優於勞基法休假: 通過試用期即可享有7天特休
• 訓練補助: 公司依據職級提供外訓課程補助
• 年度尾牙、不定期集團或跨部門聚餐、團購、試吃活動
• 公司團保: 每年免費提供員工更多團保保障
• 健康檢查: 定期舉行健康檢查,關心員工身體健康
• 教育訓練: 新進人員訓練(Orientation、績效發展計畫)、通識課程、專業課程、領導課程

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