(QA)Senior Software Engineer

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QA Engineer is a part of engineer team that focuses on quality management, auditing and improvement. You are not only proceed the testing, but tightly involved in every aspect of software development life cycle from very beginning, ex: review engineer’s design, code review, delivery quality management. The project scope includes whole ShopBack system. You will touch newest cutting edge cloud technologies and devices.

You need to ensure the engineer team provides a high quality and extraordinary product/service. You are not just follow others' spec or fill-in pass/fail result. In product development life cycle, you will work closely with product development teams to maintain good quality of products by conducting innovative design and solutions.
The Senior Quality Assurance Engineer is primarily responsible for planning, creating and executing manual and automated software test activities. Additional responsibilities include:
• Management delivery quality. Includes make the test plan, build automatic tests, do manual tests
• Support engineer to deliver the high-quality product
• Help to maintain the high quality of the production site
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• Over 3+ years working experience on server/service product.
• Solid knowledge of programming, at least one programming language (e.g. Javascript, Python, Java or Batch/Shell command)
• Good understanding of CI/CD
• Test automation experience
• Quick learner and proven Problem-solving ability.
• Strong team attitude and communication skills.
• Understanding/experience of Linux, Distributed Computing, TCP/IP, HTTP, Proxy, SSL, RESTful, etc.c.
• Passion on new software/cloud technologies
• BS or MS in Computer Science or related field.
• Good English and communication skills.
• Good understanding in Cloud Service (AWS)
• Test experience on Mobile (Android/iOS) devices
• Have MEAN/LAMP service experience.
• Large-scale client/server product experience is a plus.
• 到職前三年14天特休(首年按比例14天),4-6年16天特休,第7年起每年加1天特休
• 生日假1天
• 提供員工股票選擇權
• 每月一次迎新慶生,熱烈歡迎新生
• 每月兩次免費午餐,和夥伴聊聊近況
• 每季一次Team building,我們會聚餐、唱歌、上廚藝課做蛋糕,還有很多好玩的
• 每年一次健康檢查
• 每人每年15天全薪病假
• 每人每年教育訓練補助費 NT 11,000元,持續精進是我們團隊成長的根基
• 保險:基本的勞健保一定有,還有高額的團體保險
• 扁平開放的組織,沒有辦公室政治,有話我們當面說
• 免費且種類多元的自助吧,有零食、咖啡、飲料,偶爾會出現冰棒、水果、豆花、布丁
• 辦公室內有桌球桌,累了揪同事打場球吧
• 位於台北小巨蛋正對面,交通超便利

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