Field Support Engineer

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我们是一家人工智能机器人公司,目前在台北招聘field support engineer
• Travel to robot deployment site, setup and handle the robots
Installation, deployment and handling of humanoid social robot at event venue for the duration of the event
Responsibility for network/WiFi, PA, and other on-site services to be in place, and interacting with service vendors at venue
Instruction/training of customer regarding human-robot interaction
Monitor functions and performance of robot, and troubleshoot in real-time; provide immediate feedback to the operator as well as to tech support
Acting as mediator in interaction between visitors and robot, directing visitor traffic
Acting as guardian of the robot during multi-day events, shut-down and storage
Packing and getting robot ready for return shipping after event

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• A minimum of 2 years of work experience in tech, engineering, IT, mobile, or trade shows.
Experience handling multiple priorities and communicating with several parties simultaneously
Familiarity with pop culture, economy and tech; current with domestic and world events, news and media
Customer service experience
Hands-on experience installing and deploying tech equipment
Skills and Abilities

Native English speaker. Additional language skills are a plus, e.g. Spanish, Chinese
• 14薪

服務是由 Wanted 韓商社群招募股份有限公司台灣分公司提供