Front-End Developer 前端工程師

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Infocast is seeking a highly experienced JavaScript developer with solid understanding of React and Redux. You will be working and coordinating with the technical and project management teams on various project levels and infrastructures. The ideal candidate should have a strong communication skills in Enligsh and Mandarin, be committed to collaborative and independent problem solving, understanding design patterns, and methodical in product quality.
* Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and intuitive front-end interfaces
* Build cross-browser solutions optimized for a wide range of devices
* Identify problems/issues and help develop/improve solutions
* Assist and plan maintenance of code quality
* Measure and optimize the performance of products
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* Strong verbal and written communication skills for both English and Mandarin
* Possess a strong planning and documentation skills
* 3+ years experience with Javascript and have a solid understanding of modern * Javascript libraries such as React and Redux
* Passionate about writing and maintaining code using various testing methodologies
* Working knowledge of Git
* Working knowledge of common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc
* Experience with Server-Side-Rendering and approaches
* Experience programming in TypeScript
* Knowledge in building pipelines, deployment infrastructure and docker
* 基本的勞健保不能少(包含勞退)
* 年年優於勞基法的特休,入職第一年即按比例享有 10 天年假
* 配備 MacBook 筆電、 27 吋螢幕,還有舒服的人體工學椅
* 生日禮金、開工紅包、還有教育訓練補助基金
* 每年各3 天的全薪病假和家庭照顧假
* 彈性的上下班時間
* 無限量供應咖啡與茶水與點心
* 年度身體健康檢查
* 每月一次Team Building活動
* 儲蓄獎金
* 可視情況申請 Remote 工作

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