Google 智慧城市第一站在多倫多

REUTERS/Peter Power

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Google 母公司   Alphabet 旗下的  SideWalk Labs 致力推動  城市創新,  Bloomberg 報導,這間公司已申請在多倫多市中心開發一塊占地  12 英畝的區域,細節未對外公開,但是這項投標符合  SideWalk Labs 的願景:從零開  始,打造建立在網路之上的高科技城市。

"Last year, the company, SideWalk Labs LLC, began talking openly about building a theoretical urban zone ‘from the internet up,' with some of the same tools and principles that have (A) fueled success at many tech companies," --- Bloomberg. 

Bloomberg 報導中提到,「  SideWalk Labs 去年開始公開  討論,以推動許多科技公司成功的工具和原則,來打造一個『建立於網路之上』的都會區。」

"The future of cities lies in the way these urban experiences fit together and improve the quality of life for everyone living, working and growing up in cities across the world," explains Dan Doctoroff, founder and CEO of the company. 

「城市的未來在於融合城市體驗,為世界各地城市中生活,工作和成長的人們改善生活品質。」SideWalk Labs 創辦人兼 CEO Dan Doctoroff 說。然而目前還沒有一個城市可作為未來城市的範本。

According to news website StateScoop, construction of future cities will center around altering five "urban experiences” through the use of technology: 

Doctoroff 說,他們可能很快會開發一「大範圍地   區」。根據 StateScoop 網站報導,未來城市的建設重點  在以科技改變五種「都會體驗」:

Housing and real estate 住房和房地產

such as "modular housing embedded with sensors that track structural health."


Transportation 運輸

a mobility system that's every bit as convenient as a private car.


Environmental sustainability 永續環境 

such as implementing thermal transfer technologies to save on heating and cooling costs and cut down on wasted energy.


A new "public (B) realm" 新公共領域

such as "double the amount of public space per capita" with the help of technology.


Data-driven city services 資料驅動的城市服務

an infrastructure backbone for connectivity which makes the proposal above possible. 


Why Canada? 為什麼選加拿大  ?

Alphabet's bid comes as Canada is rapidly building up its own technology industry, after watching some of its most innovative techies get (C) snapped up by U.S. tech giants. Uber just announced that it would open a self-driving car lab in Toronto, its first "advanced technologies group" outside the U.S. Also, according to Bloomberg, Microsoft and Amazon are setting up engineering operations in "the new tech hub" Vancouver. "In addition to great views in a convenient time zone, Vancouver offers U.S. tech companies world-class talent, lower salaries, and few immigration headaches." On the other hand, according to tech blog Siliconbeat, "Montreal has become an artificial intelligence hub, with Microsoft in January announcing it would expand its presence and invest heavily in its AI work in that city. Late last year, Google announced it would open an AI research group in Montreal." 

不想讓美國網羅走最創新的科技人員,加拿大正急 速打造科技產業。  Uber 五月剛宣布在多倫多成立自 駕車實驗室,是   Uber 在美國之外的第一個「先進科技集團」。  Bloomberg 亦報導,微軟和   Amazon 在「新  科技中心」溫哥華設立作業中心:「除了時區方便,美   國科技公司可以在溫哥華找到一流人才、只需付較低薪資,而且不需為移民規定頭大。」科技部落格 Siliconbeat 也報導,「蒙特婁已成為人工智慧中心,微  軟宣布將擴大並大幅投資其於蒙特婁的人工智慧工   程,去年底, Google 也宣布欲於蒙特婁設立人工智   慧研究團體。」